About us

Olive Tree Photography is a vibrant company with years of experience photographing children, babies and families. We have expanded with great success into prom and party photography so we can now offer you a memory of all the educational milestones in a young person's life. Corporate functions are always popular with our photographers, so please contact us about your event to check our availability. For a smaller, more private session, you are welcome to book a portrait session with our pop up studio.

Photography is our passion and we want to share the love! We offer photography tuition and classes for individuals, groups and after school clubs.
We believe in . . . .

Respecting children - Children are individuals and we treat them as such. We will never push a child into a situation with which they are uncomfortable

Security and protection of children and parents - We offer a cast iron guarantee that parents or children's names and contact details will never be passed to a third party. Unique online access codes will never be revealed to anyone other than the approved parent/ carer via nursery.

Making beautiful photographs within reach of every parent - We believe that everyone should be able to buy fabulous pictures of their children, so as well as premium products we also offer an affordable range of print packs to suit every budget

Not being wasteful - We have never and will never print thousands of pictures which, if not bought will simply be shredded and become waste product. The majority of our orders are placed online which is the most sustainable way of selling photographs

Supporting the UK economy - We strive to source as much of our products and services as we can from within the UK. Our professional print lab is based in the West Midlands, all our mounts are produced in Hull, our promotional leaflets are printed in Manchester and we are growing the studio space where we provide jobs for new digital artists